Denture Prices

Economy Full upper and lower £380.00
Full upper or lower £200.00
(Using better quality teeth for more natural appearance)
Full upper and lower £550.00
Full upper or lower £280.00
Special Full upper and lower £750.00
Full upper or lower £380.00
Superior Full upper and lower £1500.00
Full upper or lower £780.00
Partial plastic upper or lower From £380.00
Lightweight chrome cobalt upper or lower (framework only) £250.00
Soft lining for greater comfort £90.00
Clinically unbreakable lightweight plastic (per denture) £50.00
Flat gum treatment (lower denture) £40.00
Chrome cobalt insert (within denture plastic) £50.00
Reline denture upper or lower £70.00
Gold crown fitted to new denture (gold extra) £50.00
Flexible lightweight dentures £530.00
Tooth coloured Clasp £60.00
Basic denture repair (1 year guarantee) From £50.00
Tooth addition to denture (without impression) £60.00
Denture clean and polish upper or lower £20.00

** Please note that we reserve the right to change our prices without prior notice **

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Economy Dentures

Ideal if you are on a limited budget. Under normal conditions these dentures will last several years.

Standard Dentures

These use better quality teeth for a more natural appearance, and incorporate high impact plastic.

Special Dentures

Cosmetic teeth selectively set in clinically unbreakable plastic, helping to restore sunken features and give a more natural smile.

Superior Dentures

These are made to satisfy the most demanding denture wearer who wants their teeth to look completely natural. All teeth used are of the highest quality currently available in the UK and are hand-crafted to the shape of natural teeth and are characterised individually.

Our superior dentures reflect light naturally when you smile, and use state-of-the-art injection moulding techniques incorporating light weight, clinically unbreakable plastic.

Life-like fillings can be incorporated to create a natural appearance.

Custom Dentures

As denture professionals we frequently notice poor cosmetic dentures. To avoid this we will advise you regarding choosing the correct colour tooth to harmonise with your complexion, the correct size tooth to enhance your smile, and personalised tooth positioning to support your features, to create a natural smile and also prevent your denture from ageing you.

We make dentures look like natural teeth!