Denture Repair

We carry out denture repair to the highest standard, and we will always try to match the quality and colouring of the teeth we replace. In most cases we can repair even the most broken denture. Our service includes:

  • Denture fractures repaired
  • Chipped or missing teeth replaced
  • Dentures strengthened and re-adjusted
  • New teeth added to existing dentures
  • Dentures cleaned and stains removed
  • Emergency after hours service available
  • 12 months guarantee on all our work

Denture Adjustments

Trying to improve the fit, bite or the appearance of old dentures, especially when the plastic has deteriorated, become stained or the teeth have worn down, seldom gives you a good result as your mouth is constantly changing. The bone that supports the denture constantly recedes causing gum shrinkage, which over a period of time gradually affects the stability of the denture, and results in problems eating and speaking, and gives a poor appearance. So in our opinion the better option is to have copy dentures made.